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GPS Tracking

GPS tracking delivers low-cost, reliable and effective real-time tracking of vehicles, people or any other type of asset, across the world.

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Bluetooth Tracking

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enables real-time tracking of assets within vehicles, buildings and across large areas such as hospitals and airports.

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RFID Tracking

Tracking Centre's RFID Tracking solutions deliver world class document and inventory management solutions to customers throughout the world.

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WiFi Tracking

By using the existing WiFi infrastructure throughout buildings, Tracking Centre's WiFi tracking tags enable large-scale tracking deployments effortlessly.

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GPS Tracking

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Asset Command - Real Time Tracking

Asset Command is the simple tool that enables you to instantly locate and manage all of your tracked assets.

Always on Tracking

Unlimited Devices

Access From Anywhere

Simple to Use

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Bluetooth Asset Tracking

Using Tracking Centre's Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tracking tags assets and staff can be tracked throughout buildings and within defined outdoor areas.