Bluetooth Asset Security System

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Next-Gen BLE Technology

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Indoor Coverage

Customisable Alerts (Email & SMS)

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Customisable to your Requirements

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Product Description

The Tracking Centre Bluetooth Asset Security System is perfect for passive asset monitoring. With a number of configuration options the system can be set to alert users when asset enter a predefined area, leave a predefined area or even just move. Further options include additional sensors to monitor environmental conditions such as temperature or humidity.

The Bluetooth Asset Security System can monitor an unlimited number of assets, within a single room or area or multiple rooms, floors, buildings or campuses.

Real time alerts via email and SMS text message ensure that should your monitored assets need attention the right people will be alerted immediately. Integration to Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) is also possible.

Due to the huge number of configuration possibilities it's not currently possible to purchase this product online - get in touch and we'll provide an immediate quotation based on your specific requirements.

Key Features

  • Monitor an unlimited number of assets across rooms, buildings and campuses.
  • Get real-time alerts when your monitored assets enter or leave a predefined area, or movement is detected.
  • Built-in tamper-sensor - get an alert when the device is removed.
  • Fully featured asset protection software.