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Product Description

Tracking Centre offer a complete range of GPS Tracking Solutions for Cash In Transit applications.

Protecting Personnel

Ensuring the protection and safety of your cash in transit employees is a crucial element for cash in transit businesses. Tracking Centre's discreet personal trackers ensure that you're able to monitor the location of your employees remotely, in real time to ensure their safety. With features including a long battery lifetime and emergency SOS button your staff can feel confident that they're able to raise the alarm whenever they need to.

Protecting Assets

Tracking Centre's experience of more than 10 years in vehicle and asset tracking mean that we're able to offer a wide range of tracking devices for both your vehicles and assets, including cash transit boxes to ensure the security of your operations. Where off-the-shelf hardware is applicable to your requirements this can be immediately delivered to ensure business continuity, however Tracking Centre are also able to develop a range of bespoke hardware, firmware and software to ensure that our products able to specifically meet your requirements.

Examples include

  • Remoting monitoring of doors and other vehicle status indicators. Where preset conditions are detected automated alerts are triggered to ensure a swift response.
  • Custom firmware to ensure real-time (per second) location reporting to ensure immediate response.
  • Customised alert conditions monitoring vehicles, personnel and cash transit boxes to trigger automated alerts should personnel or cash transit boxes become separated from their assigned vehicle.

Key Features

  • Compact size enabling a convert installation.
  • Water resistant.
  • 12V or 24V enabling installation on a wide range of vehicles.
  • Very low power consumption with long battery life when not charging.
  • On-board motion sensor enabling instant motion alerts with email and SMS notifications.
  • Global roaming sim card - tracking in our supported countries, throughout the world.
  • Fully featured tracking software to show current position and position history.
  • Free shipping.

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