TL Vehicle Guardian GPS Tracker

TL Vehicle Guardian GPS Tracker
TL Vehicle Guardian GPS Tracker
TL Vehicle Guardian GPS Tracker
TL Vehicle Guardian GPS Tracker
TL Vehicle Guardian GPS Tracker

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OPTION ONE: All inclusive, pay monthly.

£16.99 a month Inc. VAT

All inclusive GPS tracker & tracking subscription, 18 month contract, no up-front GPS tracker fee.

OPTION TWO: Buy the tracker and select an unlimited pay as you go tracking plan.
Risk-Free 14 Day Trial Available

GPS tracker:

£114.99 Inc. VAT

Select your unlimited tracking plan:

No contract, pay as go you go tracking. Or buy the tracker, try it risk-free for 14 days and select a plan later.

Hardwired to Vehicle

Built In Backup Battery

2 Minute Installation

Global Coverage

Customisable Alerts (Email & SMS)

Fully Featured Tracking Platform

Business Grade Tracking

Free Delivery

Any Make or Model

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Risk-Free Trial: Purchase & choose a tracking plan later. Return within 14 days for a full refund.

Product Description

The TL Vehicle Guardian is a GPS tracking device designed to be hardwired to vehicles. Its small size, low current drain and water resistant IP rating make it the perfect choice for customers looking to add real-time GPS tracking capability to their cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks, plant & machinery, boats, caravans and quad-bikes.

Unlimited Tracking

Choose from either an 18 month contract with a simple monthly fee, or buy the tracker hardware and select a tracking plan. All tracking plans include unlimited tracking and you can choose to buy one month, three months, six months or a year of tracking. There's no contact to tie you in so you can use the system as much or as little as you'd like.

Reduce Theft

The TL Vehicle Guardian is the perfect tool to watch over your boat when you can't. With built in features including motion dection, you can be confident that the Tracking Cetnre tracking platform will send you an alert should your boat move. If your boat is stolen, you'll be able to track its location in real-time to ensure that you can get it back.

The tracker's small size and water resistance enables a neat, covert installation within the boat.

Simple Installation

The tracker is installed using two wires and can be connected directly to the battery. Installation takes around 2 minutes and anyone can do it. If you need help or advice, our team is at the end of the phone and if it's not for you it can be completed by any marine electrician.

If you'd prefer not to install your tracker, the Tracking Centre Personal Guardian will deliver the majority of the functionality of the Tracking Centre Vehicle Guardian, without the need for any installation - simply put it in the boat.

Automatic Alerts

Get alerts about the things that matter to you.

  • Motion Set your tracker's motion alarm to get an instant alert when your boat moves. Select whether you'd like it always on or according a schedule (for example, when the boat isn't normally in use). The motion alarm automatically rearams itself after it's triggered.
  • Entering & Exiting Locations Set up locations that are important to you; your home marina and the place you usually visit and receive alerts when your boat enters or leaves these locations.
  • Overspeed Alarm Letting someone else use your boat? Get alerts when they exceed a speed threshold set by you.
  • Low Voltage Alarm Nothing's worse than a boat that won't start due to a flat battery. Get alerts that your battery voltage has dropped below a certain threshold so you can make sure that it remains charged.
  • Removal Alarm If the tracker is removed from the boat you'll receive an immediate alert.

Fully Featured Tracking

Track your boat in real-time and see exactly where it is - the system displays the real time speed, battery voltage and location on the map. See where your boat has been, including the distance travelled.

Any Make & Model

Using either 12V or 24V, the TL Vehicle Guardian will work in any car. Its sophisticated on-board electronics draw a very low level of consumption from the boat's battery and should the tracker be disconnected from the boat, the on-board back-up battery will continue to ensure that you're able to locate it.

Global Coverage

All of Tracking Centre's trackers are supplied with a global roaming sim card. This not only enables tracking in our supported countries across the globe, but it means that unlike your mobile phone, your tracker is able to connect to multiple cellular networks, meaning you get the best possible signal.

Please note: in order to report its location, the tracker requires a connection to the mobile phone network; which may be unavailable off-shore.

Risk-Free Trial

Purchase the tracking hardware and choose a tracking plan later. If you are unsatisfied, simply return the hardware within 14 days in a resalable condition in its original packaging for a full refund.

Volume Discounts

Have a fleet that you need to track? Get in touch with us for volume pricing.