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GPS Tracking Plans
GPS Tracking Plans
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From £9.99 Per Month Inc. VAT

Unlimited tracking plan for your GPS Tracker, with options for one month, three months, six months or one year.

Global Coverage

Customisable Alerts (Email & SMS)

Fully Featured Tracking Platform

Business Grade Tracking

Free Delivery

Any Tracker

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GPS Tracking Plans

Each GPS tracker purchased from Tracking Centre must have a Tracking Centre GPS plan in order for you to access the GPS tracking data.

Each Tracking Centre GPS tracking plan includes:

  • Global Roaming SIM Card - Ensure the best possible connection to the mobile phone network with our Global Roaming SIM cards that will connect to the network with the strongest signal, in our supported countries, throughout the world.

  • 25 SMS Text Messages Each Month - Receive SMS alerts from your GPS trackers based on predefined conditions you set. Send commands (such as an immediate location request, or adjusting the tracker's reporting settings) to your trackers. You can buy additional SMS credits if required.

  • Access to Asset Command - Tracking Centre's web-based tracking platform to monitor and manage your trackers. Full details are below.

GPS Tracking Plan Options

1 Month

  • Unlimited GPS tracking for one month.
  • No contract.
  • Cancel anytime.


inc VAT

3 Months

  • Unlimited GPS tracking for three months.
  • No contract.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • Equivalent to £13.99 a month.

Save Over 5%

inc VAT

6 Months

  • Unlimited GPS tracking for six months.
  • No contract.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • Equivalent to £13.33 a month.

Save Over 10%

inc VAT

1 Year

  • Unlimited GPS tracking for one year.
  • No contract.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • Equivalent to £9.99 a month.

Save Over 30%

inc VAT

Asset Command - The Tracking Centre GPS Tracking System

Real Time Tracking

Asset Command is the simple tool that enables you to instantly locate and manage all of your tracked assets.

Always on Tracking

Unlimited Devices

Access From Anywhere

Simple to Use

Always On Tracking

Your assets are being tracked whether you're logged into Asset Command or not. This means that the asset location history will be available to you the next time you login. Geofence entry/exit, SOS, & motion alerts will be triggered whenever required, anytime day or night giving you peace of mind that your tracked assets are being constantly monitored by the Tracking Centre systems.

Unlimited Devices

There is no limit to the number of assets you can monitor with Asset Command. Some customers track a single asset, some track thousands.

Access From Anywhere

Asset Command is a cloud service, meaning that you're able to log into it from anywhere in the world at any time.

Simple to Use

Asset Command was designed and built by us in the UK, with a focus on making complex functions simple for the average user. The information you need is presented to you in a clear interface enabling you to access the information you need easily and quickly. When things do go wrong our Health Check functionality will ensure you're able to get back up and running in no time at all.

Real Time Alerts

Receive real time alerts for a variety of conditions.

SMS & Email Notifications

Receive alerts via SMS text message or email, or both to multiple contacts.

Motion Alerts

Receive an alert as soon as an asset moves.

Geofenced Location Alerts

Receive an alert if an asset enters or leaves a predefined location.

SOS Alerts

For GPS trackers fitted with an SOS button, receive an instant SOS alert. Perfect for lone workers or the elderly.

The Information You Need

The Asset Command Map Overlay displays the information you need to see for your GPS tracked assets.

Last Report time

Instantly see how long ago your asset reported to Asset Command.

Last GPS Fix

Instantly see how old the shown GPS position is.

Asset Location

The current address of the asset.


The current speed the asset is travelling at.


The battery percentage remaining of the GPS tracker.

Asset Battery Power

The current battery level of the connected asset.

Motion Alarm

The status of the motion alarm.

Commands sent

The last command sent to the GPS tracker, and whether it was successfully delivered.

Familiar Google Maps Tools

In addition to the Asset Command tracking tools, the familiar Google Maps tools are available, giving you the same tools you'd expect to see in Google Maps.

Map Views

Choose between the Google Road Map, Satelite View, Hybrid & Terrain Map.


Access Google Streetview within the Asset Command map.

Traffic Information

Overlay Google's Real-Time Traffic Information for easily finding the best route.

Google Map Search

Access the Google Map search from within the Asset Command map.

Powerful Reporting Built In

Easily generate powerful reports to view your tracked assets' history. Easily see exactly where your assets have been, their speed, direction of travel and the distance covered. If further manipulation of the data is required it exports to Microsoft Excel at the click of a button.

Location History

Quickly see the route taken by the asset and the street addresses visited.


See how fast your tracked assets have been travelling.

Direction of Travel

At-a-glance assessment of the direction of travel.

Distance Covered

The report automatically calculates the distance travelled.