About Tracking Centre A brand of Telemetry Systems Ltd.

TSL was founded in 2006, and focused primarily on the provision of remote data acquisition solutions, leveraging cellular communication technology, for a wide portfolio of blue chip organisations.

Over the past 12 years, the company has grown organically, diversifying into additional, complimentary technologies, whilst serving an ever increasing and varied customer base.

Tracking Centre, and the ‘Control Centre’ at the heart of the offering, is the culmination of this continued development. The brand brings together a suite of capabilities under one central software platform, allowing our customers to easily adopt and then further integrate these highly beneficial technologies into their businesses, without the need for multiple disparate systems.

Our specialist capabilities are in software development and interfacing this software with the very best hardware that the market has to offer. This approach has created a single, incredibly powerful software control platform, the source code for which has been entirely designed and created in-house.

As an organisation we believe firmly in focusing on our strengths, and partnering with others who enhance our growing offering.

As such Tracking Centre is a hardware agnostic solution, enabling the integration of emerging ‘best of breed’ products, and the support of existing technologies that our customers may wish to continue to utilise.

This hardware independent approach, coupled with a complete understanding and deep level of control over the platform, allows us to quickly and efficiently tailor our solutions for our customers’ exact requirements.

The Tracking Centre ‘Control Centre’ is a fully hosted and managed web based portal, however the platform is also licensed to customers, who wish to run on their own servers, and even ‘white labelled’ for our partner resellers.

The core cloud based offering is mirrored across a wide and geographically separated network of data centres, each with class- leading resiliency protocols, Tracking Centre meets the demand for total availability and reliability.