Fleet Rotary Santa Tracker

See where Santa is visiting in Fleet using our Live Tracker below! Please note the Live Santa Tracker will show where Santa and his Sleigh is each evening. When Santa isn't visiting Fleet the map will show him back in Lapland.

Fleet Rotary Supported by trackingcentre.co.uk

Santa's Sleigh Route

Monday Dec 2nd

Tavistock Road

Tavistock Road, Bramblewood Place, Chantries, Woodcote Green, Broadacres, The Croft, Copse End, Shaldon Way, The Oaks, Dukes Mead, Perry Drive and Monks Rise.

Tuesday Dec 3rd

Netherhouse Moor

Crookham Rd (part), Loxwood Ave, Grenville Dr, Sycamore Crescent, Howes Drive, Cheswell Gardens, Beechwood Close, Hollytrees, Netherhouse Moor, Hawkins Grove, Swan way, Crookham Reach, Coxheath Road, Cranford Ave, Grange Rd, Rydal Drive, Coniston Way, Thirlmere Close, Gally Hill Rd (part), Copse Lane.

Wednesday Dec 4th

The Verne/Gally Hill

Gally Hill Rd (part), Langley Close, Cavendish Gardens and Rd, Christ-Church Close, Ferndale Rd, Silverbirch Close, Heather Drive, Conifer Close, Parson’s Close, The Verne, Chesilton Crescent, Portland Drive, Park Hill, Park Place, Pipers Croft, Atlee Gardens, Green Leys, Vicarage Gardens.

Thursday Dec 5th

Dinorben and Courtmoor

Dinorben Avenue, Lawrence Rd, Badgers Close, Dinorben Beeches, Dennings Close, Dinorben Close, Chinnook Close, Ridley Close, Grantley Close, Carthina Drive, Lyndford Ter, Castle St, Spring Woods, Beech Ride, Longdown, Greenways, Courtmoor Avenue.

Friday Dec 6th

Rounton And Ryelaw Roads

Bowenhurst Rd, Aldershot Rd (part), Moore Rd, Ryelaw Rd, Rounton Rd, Curzon Drive, Kenmore Close, Compton Rd and Close, Reading Road Soouth (part), Vivian Close, Rounton Heights, The Briars, Bryanstone Close, Kingfisher Close, Elizabeth Drive, Rybeck Rd, Champion Way, Tudor Way, Wynne Gardens, Laburnum Gardens, Azalia Gardens and Haig Lane.

Monday Dec 9th

Zebon Copse Northen

Brandon Road (part), Meadow view, Silvester Way, Levignen Close, Camus Close, Decouterre Close, Woodland Court, Gondreville Gardens, Hornes Court, Rye Croft, Nicotianna Court, House Plats Court, Annettes Croft, Mellersh Close, Further Vell-mead, Sepen Meade, Jesset Drive, Eggleton Close, Leger Close, Freelands Drive.

Tuesday Dec 10th

Zebon Copse Southern

Frenchman’s Creek, Brandon Rd (part), Nether Vell-mead, Water Rede, Daphne Drive, Browning Rd, Rebecca Close, Rasset Mead, Lynams, Tryplets, Bechin, Brockle Close, Pawmers Mead, Danvers Drive, La Borowe, Hunnels Close, Hop Garden, Lond-landes, Twisell Thorne.

Wednesday Dec 11th


Linkway, Richmond Close, Broomacres, Fairmile, King’s Keep, Basingbourne Rd, Johnson Way, Rufford Close, The Bourne, Basingbourne Close, Newlands, Reading Rd South (part), Longmead, Whinholt, Silverdale, Bishop’s Close, Barberry Close, Firethorn Close.

Friday Dec 13th

Crookham Park

Jubilee Drive, Walker Close, Cook Avenue, Rana Drive, Grant Drive, McIntyre Place, Newton Drive, Poulter Place, Boyce Road, Alamand Close, Gurung Way, Gurkha Road, Bryne Avenue, Nugent Close, Gregory Drive, Stevens Way.

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