WiFi Tracking

Firefly is Tracking Centre’s WiFi based Real Time Locating System (RTLS) which enables the location and monitoring of assets and devices throughout multi-story buildings and across wide campus environments such as universities and hospitals.

Since the existing WiFi access points are used as the tracking overlay infrastructure, WiFi tracking can be deployed over large areas without having to go to the trouble and expense of deploying costly tracking gateways.

Tracking Centre’s WiFi based real-time asset location system enables you to:

  • Instantly locate your assets throughout a wide campus environment
  • Schedule planned and respond to immediate maintenance requests
  • Create asset and stock reports at the click of a button
  • Track all asset movement with precise time and location information
  • Reduce asset theft, with services such as unauthorised movement push notifications
  • Get alerts when certain assets enter or leave certain areas
  • No need to deploy a costly tracking overlay infrastructure

Firefly WiFi Asset Tracking Tag

Firefly WiFi Asset Tracking Tag

Firefly is Tracking Centre's WiFi tracking tag. Track assets across wide areas with your existing WiFi network.

WiFi For Asset Tracking

WiFi Asset Tracking System

Complete WiFi based asset tracking system, customisable to your requirements.

Bespoke WiFi Tracking Installations

Bespoke WiFi Tracking Installations

Tracking Centre has significant experience in delivering bespoke WiFi tracking installations throughout the world. Get in touch to see how we can help with your WiFi tracking project.