Tamworth Rotary Santa Tracker

See where Santa is visiting in Tamworth using our Live Tracker below! Please note the Live Santa Tracker will show where Santa and his Sleigh is each evening. When Santa isn't visiting Tamworth the map will show him back in Lapland.

Tamworth Rotary Supported by trackingcentre.co.uk

Santa's Sleigh Route

Saturday Dec 1st

Brindley Drive Amington North & Golf Estates: All roads off, Brindley Drive, Bracklesham Way, Old Tamworth Road, Bypass Road, Repington Road North, Chandlers Drive & Carnoustie.

From 5.45pm at Whitley Avenue off Brindley Drive Amington. B77 3QU

Sunday Dec 2nd

Mildenhall, & all roads off Wigginton Road, Perry Crofts: Willington Road & all Roads off, Mildenhall and all roads off Wigginton Road, Ashby Road, Browns Lane, Manston View, Memorial Drive and Perrycrofts, new estate on Ashby Road.

From 4.45pm at the beginning of Willington Road, off the Ashby Road. B79 8AU

Monday Dec 3rd

Edingale, Harlaston, Elford & Wigginton.

From 5.45pm at Pessall Lane, Edingale. B79 9JL

Wednesday Dec 5th

Haunton, Clifton Campville, No Man’s Heath, Newton Regis, Seckington and Shuttington. Alvcote & The Pretty Pigs.

From 5.45pm at Main Road Haunton. B79 98HW

Thursday Dec 6th

Bolehall Arches to June Crescent via Summerfield: Amington Road & all roads off including Manor Road, Summerfield, Moor lane, Leedham Avenue & all roads off, June Crescent, Longfield Close and Thomas Street & all roads off.

From 5.45pm below Bolehall Manor, next to the Arches on Amington Road. B77 3PE

Friday Dec 7th

Acorn Ridge + Crowden & all Roads off Pennine Way to Eringden: Chiltern Road and all roads off, plus, Ealingham, Crowden and all roads off, Plus Eringden, Ellerbeck and Edale.

From 5.45pm at Bellingham, off Chiltern Road off the B5000. B77 4PE

Saturday Dec 8th

Woodlands Road and all Roads off: Abelia, Briar, Brookweed, Clematis, Cornel, Foxglove, Greenheart, Harebell, Hornbeam, Juniper, then Kerrier and all roads off from Madrona to Spruce. (Excluding Quince, and Sorrell).

From 5.45pm at Abelia, off Woodlands Road, off The B5000. B77 4EZ

Sunday Dec 9th

Coton Green plus Coton Lane to the Fox: Coton Green, Fontenaye Road and all roads off, Coton Lane from the Dairy to the fox, plus Osborne and Helmingham.

From 4.45pm at the bus stop, at the beginning of Fontenaye Road, facing Cromwell Rd. B79 8NL

Monday Dec 10th

Gillway, Wigginton Road: Gillway and all roads within, Gillway Lane, Comberford Road plus Upper Gungate, Croft Street, School walk, Perry Close & Croft Avenue & Wigginton Road.

From 5.45pm at Chestnut Avenue, off Wigginton Road. B79 8QY

Tuesday Dec 11th

Pennine Grange, plus Malham Road and all Roads off.

From 5.45pm at the start of Wensleydale. B77 4APS

Wednesday Dec 12th

The Leys: Hospital Street, Cherry Street, Ludgate and all roads off, Freville Close, Moor Street, Park Street, Meadow Park Cygnet Close and Bradford Street. Wardle Street, Edward Street, Halford Street and all roads off. Albert Road to the Station Island and back to Marmion Street, Albion Street, Victoria Road and all Roads off, Mill Lane & all Roads off.

From 5.45pm at the Car Park opposite the Hollies Medical practice. B79 7EB

Thursday Dec 13th

Kettlebrook & Glascote to Cincinnati: Campion Drive and all roads off, Kettlebrook Road and all roads off, Glascote Road. All roads off Blythe Street, Southwick Drive and Basin Lane. Arbor Close, Abbey Road and all roads off.

From 5.45pm at Campion Drive Kettlebrook. B77 1BD

Friday Dec 14th

Glascote, Sheepcote Lane to New Street: Sheepcote Lane and all Roads off, Argyle Street and all Roads off, Torc Avenue.

From 5.45pm at the shop in Sheepcote Lane, next to the B5000 Island. B77 3JP

Saturday Dec 15th

The Leyfields: Salters Lane, Masefield Drive and all roads off, Including Chesterton way, Thackeray Drive, Shelly Road, Milton Avenue, Clifton Avenue and all roads off. Then Claremont Road, Telford Road and all roads off.

From 5.45pm at the start of Salter's Lane, just off Upper Gungate, next to the railway bridge. B79 8BH

Sunday Dec 16th

Silverlink & all Roads off.

From 4.45pm at Bancroft off Silverlink Road. B77 2ES

Monday Dec 17th

Fairway/Amington Green , Eagle Drive, Quince, Sorrel, Old Amington and Tamworth Road: Amington Green Estate, Eagle Drive, Quince, Sorrel, Trefoil, Tilia Road. Left into Woodhouse lane, Lindera, Sharpe Street, Ingram Pitt Lane, Florendine Street, Sheepcote lane to Monks way, Tamworth Road and all roads off between Argyle St and Mercia Way. Turn into the bottom of Woodhouse Lane, Repington Road South, Ridgewood Rise, Woodhouse to Tilia Road.

From 5.45pm at Amington Fairway, Amington Green. B77 4FL

Tuesday Dec 18th

Lichfield Road from Chatsworth to Downing Drive + Hopwas: Chatsworth, Lichfield Road, Buckingham Road, Chartwell and all roads off, Oxbridge Road and all roads off. Plus Hopwas, all roads off Hints Lane, School Lane and Lichfield Road to Lichfield Crescent.

From 5.45pm at Chatsworth off Lichfield Road. B79 7SJ

Wednesday Dec 19th

Lakeside, and Glascote Road to New Street: Roads off Leyland Road, Dumolo's Lane, then onto Glascote Road, taking in all roads to New Street, except Argyle Street, including Clifford Street, Claremount Drive, East View, Beech Avenue and Neville Street. New Street, St Johns Street and Bamford Street.

From 5.45pm at Allard, off Leyland Road, Lakeside. B77 2RA

Thursday Dec 20th

Pennymoor and Fossdale and all Roads off.

From 5.45pm at the start of Pennymoor near A5. B77 4NE

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